But I just want to READ!


Catching up in the land of book promotions.

With the release of my book this Friday – October 24 – (YES, that’s THIS Friday!) I have been deeply immersed in book promotion for weeks. If you have liked my author Facebook page or you follow me on Twitter, you are keenly aware of this fact. I hope that you’ve had some fun with the Facebook contests and enjoyed my Teaser Tuesdays where I share a bit of my book content with you.

The contests aren’t over yet. There’s one more that runs on Facebook until 8 pm (CST) Friday (10/24).

AND the month-long AWESOME SWAG BOX GIVEAWAY ends Thursday 10/23 at midnight (CST). All subscribers to my blog at that time will be entered to win this lovely box of goodies. There’ll be one runner-up who will win a signed paperback, too. 

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One thing that happens when you are busy promoting a new book is that you don’t have much time for the other things you like to do – Like WRITING and READING.

I typically read a lot. I’ve kept track of the books I’ve read in a spreadsheet since 2009. (Is that weird? – wait – don’t answer that.) I have read on average 95 books per year. I was shooting for 100 per year but didn’t quite make it.  I’m waaaay behind this year with that total!

I have been getting a bit of video/movie watching in, however, because I use that as a distraction from how much I HATE being on the elliptical each day. I just rewatched The Book Thief and was reminded what a truly beautiful story this is.

Most of the time, I am disappointed at book to screen adaptations. What’s one that you think was particularly well done? (Or if is there one that you think was just horrible?) Comment below – and DON’T FORGET TO ENTER THE CONTESTS . . . they’ll be going, going, gone very soon!



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