Pinterest for Authors - Part Two

Hello, writers!

Welcome to September. This month is a favorite. It’s like summer but without the crowds. It’s a time when the sun still shines, but one’s desire for a routine is strong. September is a fabulous month to revisit goals and make new plans.

Last month, I wrote about how authors can use Pinterest to build an their social media presence. The site is different from other platforms because it functions as a search engine. It focuses less on “likes” and more on outcomes for users. In fact, while writing these blog posts, I found new author-resource websites—all because I researched Pinterest “Pins” to learn about writers using the site. For example, I searched for “Literary Agents” and found everything from tips for finding an agent to advice about queries. The site truly offers benefits beyond most social media platforms—even Google.

In August, I discussed the benefits of Pinterest and the basics of getting started. This month, I’ll discuss creating boards and highlight features for authors.

Creating Boards: Including About Your Novel

Once you have an account established, create Boards to collect topics of interest. The Boards highlight your ideas. There’s no limit to your imagination—that makes using Pinterest fun and interesting. Name your boards—don’t be afraid to be creative with them.

There are many benefits for writers when creating Pinterest boards. You can highlight writing resources, favorite books, and your genre. What I really love is making a Board about your book’s setting, characters, homes, shops—even the vehicles they drive.

My cozy mysteries are set in Wisconsin. One of my favorite locations is the Driftless Area in the southwest side of the state, including Mineral Point and Dodgeville. I created a board of images from these wonderful spots. It’s a way to share my love for Wisconsin with readers. Readers can envision the villages and scenery I describe in The Backyard Model Mysteries and the paranormal romance book I’m writing.

Valerie Biel writes stories set in Ireland, and she has many Boards highlighting the wonderful land.

The beauty of using Pinterest is that it’s multifunctional: It’s a research site, an inspiration board, and a place where readers can learn more about your stories.

How fabulous is that?

Special Features for Authors

Pinterest is a visual platform that features images. Don’t neglect to include the amazing cover of your book!

Yes, that’s right. In addition to Boards highlighting the setting, characters—or even recipes—in your novel, a Board should include the cover of a book. Then, inside that Board, pins can be created about description, characters, setting—and “blurbs,” or the coveted recommendations from other writers. Truly, the ideas are limitless for Boards about your past and current novel release.

Check out Paula Munier’s Pinterest page as inspiration for what to do with an author Pinterest site.

Pinterest’s benefits for authors include:

•   New Release information, including your book cover

•   Novel setting, character, or other images

•   Author photo and bio

•   Other authors or favorite books in one’s genre

Give it a try. If social media is intimidating, Pinterest is an excellent place to start. The site offers advice, and there are many sources online, too. Just perform a search and get pinning. Be sure to follow the pages of Valerie Biel and T.K. Sheffield. We’d love to get to know you!

Upcoming Conferences: Midwest Writers Gather in Washington Island and Superior, Wisconsin

I acquired a literary agent in part by attending conferences. I wrote about it on the Valerie Biel blog here.

Writers can’t exist in a vacuum. Like actors, we need feedback and guidance for our creative endeavors. I understand that many of us can’t attend in-person events. So, consider the excellent online opportunities. If travel is a problem, use online events to boost your writing life.

NOW is the time to sign up for fall writer events.

Sept 15-17: Washington Island Literary Festival, Door County

Sept. 30-Oct 1: Wisconsin Writers Association Fall Conference, Superior, Wis.

Oct. 7-8: Minnesota Writing Workshop, Writing Day Workshops (online)

Ongoing: The Backroom Writers Author Visits (online)

Nov. 2-5: Midwest Writer’s Workshop Agent Fest (online)

The spooky season is around the corner, and I’m so excited. My next book in the Backyard Model Mysteries takes place in the fall. It’s such a fantastic setting for thrilling plot twists!

Take care and happy writing, Tracey

T.K. Sheffield, MA

Pre-published author, The Seymour Agency. The Backyard Model Cozy Mysteries: A retired fashion model uses her skill at spotting posers to solve murders in her touristy Wisconsin town. (The first book in the series is on submission to publishers.) Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for writing tips, author news, and to share my Wisconsin backyard.

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