Publishing World Wisdom from Laurie Buchanan

Welcome to the May 2022 Author Series where published author Laurie Buchanan shares the advice she'd go back and tell her pre-published self--which is a great help to other writers. But this is also a great day for mystery / suspense readers because the second book in Laurie's Sean McPherson series, Iconoclast, releases today. These are fast-paced thrillers set in the Pacific Northwest, featuring a trifecta of malice and the pursuit and cost of justice. You'll want to read to the bottom of the post for my review and book purchasing information!

There are a lot of things I wish I’d known before writing my first book:Laurie Buchanan author photo

For starters, I like writing nonfiction, but I love writing fiction. Had I known that from the get-go, my first book may well have been entirely different.

I wish I’d known that writing a book is much easier than marketing it. And for an introvert like me, it’s not something I do with ease. But I don’t let that stop me because my books won’t have an audience if readers don’t know about them.

I wish I’d known to trust the creative process and stop second-guessing myself. But, unfortunately, because writing's a solo sport, it’s easy to question oneself. Hence the handwritten note taped to my desk: “Laurie, trust your creativity!”

I wish I’d known from the get-go to create a routine (establish boundaries) and stick with it (ensure those boundaries hold). Since then, I’ve learned that consistency is my best friend.

I wish I’d known that there’d be so many drafts. Who knew? And along with that, I wish I’d known that rewrites don’t mean I stink as an author; they’re a natural part of the writing process.

I wish I’d known from the beginning to sleep with a pen and paper on my nightstand. I can’t tell you how many great ideas I’ve lost believing, “I won’t forget this.” Yet I did.

I wish I’d known from that beginning that what works for one author may not work (at all!) for another. Whether it pertains to the actual writing process, marketing, developing name recognition, or fill in the blank _____.

I wish I’d known that “success” (at least for most authors) doesn’t happen overnight. One of my writing heroes is Louise Penney—of Chief Inspector Gamache fame. In an interview, she said that it wasn’t until about her sixth book in the series that things really started to take off for her.

From the get-go, I wish I’d known how much time, energy, and resources it takes to publish, release, and market a book successfully. But, then again, if I’d known that, it might have scared me off...

Indelible book cover, a Sean McPherson Novel

Indelible: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #1

An ex-cop haunted by survivor's guilt.

A killer who won't let him forget.

Purchase Here

Valerie's Review: "The lush, beautiful setting of a Pacific Northwest writers retreat is the perfect backdrop and jumping off point for book one in this series. The book has such wonderfully detailed characters with unique personalities, skillsets, goals, and desires that it feels like I’ve met these people. The author approaches key suspenseful scenes with an unflinching style that will have your heart pounding as you turn the page to see who will survive—and who will not! Beautiful prose, exceptional dialogue, skillful pacing, and surprising twists make this book a delightful, satisfying read. Cannot wait for book two."

Iconoclast novel book cover Sean McPherson series book twoIconoclast: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #2

A whale-watching cruise goes terribly wrong.

Two lovers on deck, one sniper on shore, and no way out.

Purchase Here

Valerie's Review: "If after book one you weren’t already completely captivated by the cast of characters in the Sean McPherson series, Iconoclast solidly seals the deal. We’re catapulted immediately into the action as the murderer(s) infiltrate the lives of our new besties at the Pines & Quill writing retreat. Author Laurie Buchanan is a master of suspense as she pulls us along on this nail-biting journey of delicious deceit, danger, and daring. Who will make it to the end? Who will be unmasked for who they truly are? I’m not telling . . . but I promise you that you won’t be able to turn out the light and go to bed until you know the truth!"

Impervious: A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #3

April 2023

The bride, the groom, the toast, the explosion...

What should be a joyous occasion turns lethal.

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Congrats on the new book, Laurie. Another winner. And almost every word you said about what you wish you had known back then could have been said by me, other than I don't dream much about my stories so have never bothered keeping a pen and notepad on my nightstand. :-)

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